As a small business owner in District 95, I believe that hard working Mississippians, not the government, know how to best spend their own money. I support a reduction of taxes on Mississippians. Reducing taxes will create more jobs, increase entrepreneurship, and spur economic growth. I support a fair and reasonable tax that will allow for our essential government services yet prevent excessive and unnecessary bureaucratic growth.

As the father of two children who were educated in the public school system, I believe that education is the key to our future. Success in our classrooms results in economic growth, opportunity, and a better quality of life for every Mississippian.  Our local businesses require an educated and well-trained workforce. In order to fully support our dedicated teachers, we need to provide them with the resources needed to help our children achieve academic success. I support policies that cut administrative costs and direct more money to the classroom where it counts. I strongly support dual enrollment programs which allow high school students to earn both high school and college credits concurrently and career technical education centers which provide students with academic and workplace readiness skills.


As a certified law enforcement officer, who has been on the front lines, I believe in supporting our local and state law enforcement officers. Our primary goal should and shall always be to provide adequate funding to properly train, equip, and compensate our first responders.  In addition, our prison system must be maintained to a professional level at the lowest possible cost to Mississippi taxpayers. 

I support:

  • Victims’ rights (restitution)

  • Drug courts for non-violent offenders

  • Church involvement

  • Community based rehabilitation programs

As a NRA member, outdoorsman, and gun owner, I believe that law abiding citizens have the right to own guns. I believe that our forefathers clearly guaranteed us that right with the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I would never vote to infringe on a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms in order to carry on family traditions like hunting or to protect their families from criminal activity.  

I am for an open and transparent government. We must always demand that our books are open for inspection and our leaders are mindful of how they spend our Mississippi tax dollars. We should hold our elected leaders accountable and constantly look for ways to save and cut everyday hardworking Mississippians' taxes. We should seek reforms, measurable goals, consolidation of services, and the reduction of waste. I support any program or service that makes it easier for citizens to track their tax dollars. An open government is an efficient, responsible, and accountable government. 

I AM PRO-LIFE. As a husband and father, I oppose abortion. I can think of no greater gift than my children. I believe that life begins at conception. I will only support legislation that strengthens Mississippi’s anti-abortion stance.  Our children are a gift from God that must be protected. 

I am for smart economic development that will improve the economic, political and overall well-being of Mississippians.  I will support economic development projects that are right and just for Mississippi. We must do a better job of vetting the companies and incentive packages offered to companies who come to our state with big promises. We must fight to put claw back language in our legislation that prevents companies from being able to take advantage of our generosity and leave the minute their incentives expire. It is time for Mississippi to start making deals that will profit Mississippians and not big corporations. 


As we move forward with the uncertain distribution of the BP Oil Spill Fund settlement, it is imperative to send a representative to Jackson who will protect the interest of District 95. It is essential that we fight to keep what is left of the settlement money here on the Gulf Coast and demand that District 95 gets its fair share. I have the leadership abilities and tireless work ethic needed to ensure that District 95 is not overlooked. 

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